Welcome to Dong Dong!

1 NOV 1996

We at Dong Dong are proud to present to you authentic Cantonese Cuisine.

Cantonese Cuisine is well-known to be China's finest, since it draws upon a great diversity of ingredients. Most importantly, ingredients are cooked and served without excessive seasonings and sauces to avoid overwhelming the natural flavours and at the same time preserving nutritions of the primary ingredients.

Healthy, succulent vegetables and meat, fresh from local farms are delivered directly to our doorstep every day, carefully and expertly prepared each morning. Then, they're seasoned and cooked masterfully by our professional chefs in all the natural flavour and juices.

Operating in Kingsford since 1996, Dong Dong Noodles has become a popular restaurant for families and friends, famous for serving fresh meals in a comfortable and friendly setting.

Dong Dong Noodles ties closely with the community. Since we opened we have supported a great number of local sports clubs, schools and groups for their effort in participating and building a peaceful community. We will be delighted to have you give us a word on how we are doing. Comments and suggestions are very welcome.